E-Gift Card Policy

How to Purchase e-Gift Cards
Click HERE to purchase an E-Gift Card!
-Please make sure you enter valid email address for sender and recipient boxes.
-You can decide how much you would like to load on the e-Gift Card from $25 to $200
-You can write a message to recipient in Optional Message box
-Now, 5 themes are available for our eGift Card!
-Before you finalize and add an e-Gift Certificate to your cart, please Preview the gift card.
*Once the e-Gift Card is issued, we are not able to make any changes.
-Once you create an e-Gift Card and add it to your cart, you can check the total in the cart on the top right corner.
-You can check-out your order with Paypal, Visa or Master Card.
-Once you complete the order, we will send you a confirmation email as a sender, and we will send the email to recipient with the subject line "[Sender's Name] has sent you a gift certificate for Spank Clothing".
*We do NOT ship to US and you are NOT able to use e-gift cards in US neither. 

Redeeming e-Gift Card

To redeem a gift certificate at our online store, please follow the simple steps below.

1. You need your unique gift certificate code, which is part of the gift certificate that was emailed to you as an attachment. It will look something like Z50-Y6K-COS-402.

*Recipient will receive the email with subject line," [Sender's Name] has sent you a gift certificate for Spank Clothing" with the HTML document. This document shows your e-Gift Card information with a unique code.
2. Browse the store and add items to your cart as you normally would.
3. Click the 'View Cart' link to view the contents of your shopping cart.
4. Type your gift certificate code in to the 'Redeem Gift Certificate' box and click 'Go'.


E-Gift Card FAQ 


Q. Can I use my in-store gift card online? Also can I use my online gift card in-store as well?
A. Our e-Gift Card is redeemable only in our online store. In-store Gift Card is under different systems that we are not transfer physical gift card into e-gift card and vise versa.
-if you have a physical brown gift card, that is our physical store gift card that is available for physical locations, West 4th, Commercial Drive or Victoria stores.
-if you have gift cards emailed to you, that is our online store e-gift card that is redeemable at online store ONLY. 
Q. I want to purchase a gift card in total of $500. How can I purchase that amount of e-Gift Card?
A. Unfortunately, our e-gift card up-limit is $200CAD. In order to purchase $500, we need to ask you to create 3 different gift cards: for example, 2 of $200 and 1 of $100, then in total, $500.
*e-Gift Cards are available from $25 to $200,
Q. Can I purchase one e-gift card worth $100 then multiply the quantity?
A. We cannot change the quantity of gift cards in your cart, for every single gift card needs to have a unique code. Once you issue an e-gift card, we cannot make any changes. If you would like to get multiple gift cards, you need to create each one separately. 
Q. I have sent an e-Gift Card to the recipient but they have not received it yet. 
A. Please check Junk/Spam boxes in your mail box. We will send the emails from If you are still missing your e-gift Card, please contact us by email, or We will re-send the email to you.
Q. Can I get a refund for e-gift cards?
A. Unfortunately, both in-store gift cards and e-gift cards are all non-refundable.
Q. I received multiple e-Gift Cards. Can I use them in one order? And how can I use it?
A. Yes, you can redeem multiple e-gift cards in one transaction. Please make sure you enter each code every time. You need to check codes on e-Gift Cards emailed as a document form, and enter every single code in the cart to redeem. 
Q. If I purchase multiple gift cards, can I send them to different people separately?
A. Yes, you will need to choose the recipient each time issue a gift cards. Please make sure you enter the correct recipients you wish to gift!
Q. How can I redeem my e-Gift Card that I received?
A. Please visit your cart. You can enter the code (ex: Z50-Y6K-COS-402.) to redeem your gift card there then click Apply.


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