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Q.  I can't process payments because of the error message "Something's gone wrong. Unable to process the payment because invalid data was supplied with the transaction." What does this mean? 

A.  When your payment is declined with that message, it means it was declined due to an address or ZIP code mismatch with the address on file. Please contact your bank or check your address info to match them. 

B. If you live in an apartment make sure to write your address as so: 

Apartment number - your street number and street name. ex: 100-1234 your street

*After checking those information above, if you are still struggling with the same error messages, please contact us by email: with the subject line "Failed Transaction".


Q. I tried to place an order several times but none of them went through. However, my credit card transaction history shows you charge for all of them. What is going on?

A. Fist of all, if none of your order placement is completed, that means you are not charged for any of them. 

The bank verified the card number, and authorized the charge amount, but the merchant gateway declined the charge due to some security reason, such as an incorrect address. In this case, funds are NOT transferred from your account to the merchant.

To conclude, the net result of the transaction is a decline, as the payment processor declined the transaction, even though your bank approved it. This transaction will NOT show up on your final credit card statement, as it was declined by the payment processor, and no money will change hands

Technically, all credit card transactions made via online will be shown on your transaction history no matter what they are approved or declined; everything will be displayed.

However, final transaction statement will show everything actually approved to charge on your card that means only successful transactions are visible on that feature.

This is the reason why you are seeing declined transactions on your card since it is just a "transaction history" showing everything.

*If you still have concerns about the declined charges, we highly recommend you to  contact your bank. 


Q. Do you ship outside of Canada? 

A. Unfortunately no, but we do ship anywhere within Canada. 


Q.  How long does shipping take?

A.  Orders generally take 1 to 3 business days to process and ship. When orders are shipped, you will get email notifications from us! Expect shipping delays around all major holidays. 


Q. How do I find the sizing for each item?

A. The sizing on each item may vary so we have a size chart next to every listing. If you still have questions about material, sizing or fit feel free to email us at


 Q. I have NOT received my order yet but I already want to make a return. 

A. Please wait until you have received your order. Only then can we issue a return. See our return policy for all the details.


 Q.  I am missing my parcel although tracking information shows it has delivered already.  What can I do?

A. Firstly, please contact Canada Post for missing parcels. Once all orders are shipped out from our store, missing parcels and items damaged in transit are the responsibility of Canada Post. Please visit our Shipping Policy page for further details.


Q. I sent an email to your customer service team, but haven't received anything back. 

A. Generally, we respond to all emails within 1-2 business days. If you have not heard from us after a few days, please check your junk box or spam mail box. If it is an urgent, please call our Victoria location for a quick assistance.

* Recently, we have been experiencing email delivery failures specifically with Hotmail and SaskTel. If you are using these email providers, please provide us your phone numbers so we are able to call OR use another email address such as Gmail. 

*Due to sudden increase in foot traffic at home location, we are experience a delay in email responses especially during the weekend. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience. 


Q.  Can I return something if it does not fit me?

A.   Yes. You have 14 days after the received date to issue a refund. See our return policy for all the details. All Accessories, Bodysuits, Scarves and Sale Items are Final Sale. Shipping is non refundable.


Q. I want to place an order with curbside pickup. Can I just place an order?

A. Please contact us first to check the availability of items you are interested in at the location you wish to visit. Each store has different availability for certain items. Once we check that status, we will give you a code for curbside pickup set-up.


Q. I placed an order and paid for shipping fees, but I actually want to switch my order to a curbside pickup. Can I change it?

A. Unfortunately, we are not able to change the shipping method once you place the order. Before you place the order, please check our Curbside Pickup Policy page for further details.


 Q. I checked your online store and the item I want to purchase is in-stock, but I could not find it in a physical store. Why?

A. Each store has different availability and stock; we are not able to guarantee we have all sizes and colours of items in-store. Please feel free to call your closest store to ask for item availabilities in your requested size and colour. 


Q. I realized I have typed wrong information for my order after completing it. What can I do?

A. Please contact us by email with your order number, name and the correct information as soon as possible. We generally ship the order within 1-2 business days so that we would appreciate if you could send us emails before that. 


Q. Does Spank Clothing design all of the clothing?

A. No we do not design the clothing. We are a boutique that carries multiple hand selected items from various brands. 


Q. What is the best way to hear about flash sales and new arrivals?

A. Joining our email list is the best way to hear about all things Spank. Our subscribers find out about flash sales, new arrivals, restocks and much more before Instagram or Facebook. 


Q. How can I create and share my Wishlist?

A. In order to create your own Wishlist, please create/ log into your account. You may add items in your Wishlist by clicking the heart button beside the "Add to Cart". Or you can go to Wishlist page. You may see the your Wishlist address there to share.




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